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Central Cee, Dave - Sprinter

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Central Cee, Dave - Sprinter
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  • Длительность: 03:49
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  • Дата релиза: 07 июнь 2023
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Текст песни
SUV, the outside white

The inside brown like Michael Jack'

More time, man build a line and trap

Spend like I don't even like my stack

Pistol came on a Irish ferry, let go and it sound like a tap dance (Bap)

The way that I ball, no yellow

The ref haffa give me a black card

Who did what we doin' with rap?

Man couldn't sell out his show after all them years of doin' the cap

Sprinter, two gyal in a van

Inter, two man in Milan, heard one of my tings datin' P. Diddy

Need twenty percent of whatever she bags

Outside, my head in my hands

I told her my name is Cench, she said, "No, the one on your birth certificate," uh

Your boyfriend ran from the diamond test 'cause they weren't legitimate, nah

She Turkish-Cypriot, but her curves Brazilian, uh

I want her, and bro wants her affiliate

I'm cheap, still hit a chick like, "Yo, can I borrow your Netflix?"

She a feminist, she think I'm sexist

Twistin' my words, I think she dyslexic

Give me my space, I'm intergalactic

Before I give you my Insta' password, I'll give you the pin to my AmEx, huh, alright