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Joyner Lucas, Chris Brown - Stranger Things

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Joyner Lucas, Chris Brown - Stranger Things
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  • Дата релиза: 30 май 2023
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Текст песни
I don't like when I lose (I don't)

If I don't buy her them shoes, I don't like those (regulate)

Do anything that I want to

Think I'm gon' dance on the moon like Michael (elevate)

While I'm drivin', I'm moonwalking in the sky with some shooters

We jump inside of the Buick, you duck and hide from the Rugers

A couple choppers, acoustic in the guitar with the music

Guess I'm alive and I use it, get stuck inside of the cubics

I never lie but the truth is I'm fuckin' tired of these losers

And all my life want the food when it's supper time in the juice

But I'd rather die than to lose, it's a matter of time 'fore I lose it

And strategize with the movement

Walk in the trap like a boss, ooh

Hoe, you know I'm drippin' with the sauce, ooh

Pretty with a face full of scars

All they did was build me up, try to take me apart

They ain't never wanna (celebrate) like you have a label

Call the doctor, heard the chopper make 'em do the Macarena

All you niggas sweet as candy, chocolate chip and Now and Later

Jolly Rancher, stick to bubblegum and watermelon flavored

Get the paper, I'ma (celebrate) on the corner

Heard you niggas got the juice but I got Corona

Got a little Spanish bitch, I call her maricona

Joyner Lucas, bitch, I'm hotter than a fuckin' sauna

Yeah, I make you niggas (elevate)